Difference: BelleComputing (23 vs. 24)

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Submitting Belle2 jobs from KEK and UVIC

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 source /sw/belle2/tools/b2setup

Running grid jobs (3.0.0)

Initialization of Belle2 environment at KEK
source /sw/belle2/gbasf2/BelleDIRAC/gbasf2/tools/setup
gb2_proxy_init g belle

Copy shared libraries to gbasf2 directory (should test using full path name)

 cp /home/belle2/rsobie/release-03-00-00/modules/Linux_x86_64/opt/lib* .
(librelease-03-00-00.so librelease-03-00-00.b2modmap)

Add library path to python script

# configure the tau module
#mytau = b2.register_module('tausteer')
mytau = b2.register_module('tausteer', shared_lib_path='./librelease-03-00-00.so')

Submit a tau pair MC analysis job with one file

gbasf2 runTauMC.py -p jan2019 -s release-03-00-00 -f librelease-03-00-00.so librelease-03-00-00.b2modmap -i /belle/MC/release-01-00-03/DB00000294/MC10/prod00004783/s00/e1002/4S/r00000/taupair/mdst/sub00/mdst_000001_prod00004783_task10010000001.root

gb2_job_status -p jan2019

gb2_job_output -j <job#>

Ntuple in directory  /group/belle2/users/rsobie/taupair.root

Running interactive jobs


Running interactive jobs (older releases)

source /cvmfs/belle.cern.ch/sl6/tools/setup_belle2
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