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VM Benchmarks using 2019 HEPIX suite

(see https://gitlab.cern.ch/hep-benchmarks)

See the CHEP2019 talk by Valassi (https://indico.cern.ch/event/773049/contributions/3473809/)

Downloaded tar file from https://gitlab.cern.ch/hep-benchmarks/hep-benchmark-suite/-/tags (Stored on macsob2)

To run on an otter Centos7 VM:

tar xf hep-benchmark-suite-release-containers-v1.4.tar
cd hep-benchmark-suite-release-containers-v1.4

sudo pip install --upgrade pip 
sudo yam install git
sudo make all
sudo service docker start

 sudo ./examples/run_db12_example.sh
 sudo ./examples/run_kv_example.sh

Notes: Cannot run the hs06 or spec06 benchmark unless installed in the correct directories. There are licensing issues.

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