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Cloud Scheduler Requirements

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  • The cloud scheduler will communicate with a Condor job scheduler in order to retrieve information on queued jobs.
    • The scheduler will potentially support other job schedulers in terms of the retrieval of job information. (Abstract, job-scheduler independent interface?)
      • DRMAA http://www.drmaa.org/ is an API for the submission and control of jobs to job schedulers. Works with Grid Engine, Condor, PBS/Torque.
  • The scheduler will be able to obtain information on clusters (that are part of the cloud). This information may include:
    • Currently running VMs, and on what clusters the VMs are running;
    • Details of currently running VMs (OS, memory, storage, processors);
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Client Requirements

(Any suggested requirements from clients of the intended system. These may fit into other categories as well.)
  • The Cloud Scheduler should make available monitoring information ideally as XML.

Performance Requirements

(Describe the performance constraints on the intended system. How fast / with how many resources should the scheduler function?)
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