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This page contains information on GSI support in the cloud scheduler.
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  I suspect this has something to do with the CS cleaning up the job's spooled files (including the user's delegated creds!) when the job is not in the Running state anymore. Probably the CS will have to be updated to recognize the 'C' state and not touch the job's files until it is actually removed from the queue.

Renewal of expired proxy

NOTE: This feature is still experimental and available in the following git branch: proxy-replace-feature

The idea is that in order to replace an expired proxy, we do this via another condor job. Let's call this condor job a 'Proxy Replace' job. This Proxy Replace job contains the id of the job which has an expired proxy. The CloudScheduler will detect this 'proxy replace' job, extract the id of the job which has an expired proxy and then copy the current job's proxy over the expired one. The proxy replace job is then immediatly removed from the condor queue.


  • User submits a job and its proxy on the CS expires
  • User does condor_q -l and extracts the GlobalJobId of the job with the expired proxy
  • User constructs a new condor job, that looks like the following:
    Universe   = vanilla
    Executable = /bin/true
    x509userproxy = /tmp/x509up_u20121
    +Owner = UNDEFINED
    Requirements = VMType =?= "xxxx"
    +userProxyOverwriteTargetJob = "vm129.cloud.nrc.ca#91.0#1305226680"
  • User submits this new Proxy Replace job to condor
  • Cloud Scheduler replaces the expired job proxy
  • No more expired proxy; User and Cloud Scheduler are happy.

Currently, this only works for running jobs. Jobs that are done (completed) will not be affected. Also, suppot to renew expired proxies for VMs is not yet implemented.

Note that the creation and submission of the Proxy Replace condor job described above can easily be done in a user-friendly command-line tool or via the web portal.

 -- AndreCharbonneau - 2010-08-30

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="globus_simple_ca_08b380b1_setup-0.20.tar.gz" attr="" comment="NEP-52 CA package (root cert, signing policy, etc...)" date="1300456544" name="globus_simple_ca_08b380b1_setup-0.20.tar.gz" path="globus_simple_ca_08b380b1_setup-0.20.tar.gz" size="216213" user="andrec" version="1"
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