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Dynafed installation and user authentication

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for clients using voms proxy


for clients using voms proxy (not needed if general certificate based authentication is used)

  • add in /etc/ugr/ugr.conf
    • glb.allowgroups[]: /atlas/* /myfed/S3-Atlas rl
  • restart httpd and memcached
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  glb.authorizationplugin[]: libugrauthplugin_python27.so authplug1 ugrauth_gridmap isallowed
      • depending on OS and python version it needs to be python27 or python26
      • the correct version is in /usr/lib64/ugr/
    • NOTE: IF there are no glb.allow.... directives used then access will be granted (at least in a browser)
      • to activate authorization and deactivate general glb.allow-authorization, add also something like: glb.allowgroups[]: * /noexistent rld
      • important is to have something in there which doesn't exists, just to activate the general authorization system
    • in /etc/grid-security/ create the file accessfile
      • accessfile contains a line per directory and access mode
        • e.g.: /myfed/S3-Atlas atlas rl
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