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November 14, 2011

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  1. A third test was conducted to see if a previously used disk (after the PDClear) performed better. Result gave previously expected level of performance: Avg: 5.661 Gb/s after 100.00%.
  2. Target /ssd erased and completely filled with zeros, erased and test run again. Result: Avg: 5.790 Gb/s after 100.00%

November 14, 2011

Moving the ATLAS data to the scdemo nodes.

  • The command is: /opt/versions/scdemo/bin/atlas-to-scdemo <file-lists-directory>
  • The content of the "<file-lists-directory>" is one or more files containing a list of paths of the ATLAS files to be copied. The name of each file within this directory corresponds to the fully qualified host name of the destination host. i.e the list of ATLAS files contained within scdemo06.heprc.uvic.ca will be copied via FDT to scdemo06.
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="cacti_notes_2011-011-06.png" attr="" comment="" date="1320622186" name="cacti_notes_2011-011-06.png" path="cacti_notes_2011-011-06.png" size="80579" user="igable" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="cacti_notes_good_rate_2011-11-06.png" attr="" comment="" date="1320640987" name="cacti_notes_good_rate_2011-11-06.png" path="cacti_notes_good_rate_2011-11-06.png" size="69346" user="igable" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="cacti_notes_5x5_2011-011-07.png" attr="" comment="Shows some asymetric throughput from one node" date="1320713240" name="cacti_notes_5x5_2011-011-07.png" path="cacti_notes_5x5_2011-011-07.png" size="126763" user="igable" version="1"
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