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  TotalNetworkBytes: 1609085802000 Exit Status: OK %ENDCONSOLE% \ No newline at end of file

Activating a lustre client node.

  • Configure the lustre network by creating "/etc/modpobe.d/lustre-lnet.conf". Assuming the "ethmlx" network interface is on the same layer 2 network as the lustre filesystem (10.20.3.nnn), the configuration file should contain:
%STARTCONSOLE% options lnet networks=tcp(ethmlx) %ENDCONSOLE%

  • Install the hepnet-lustre repository by creating "/etc/yum.repos.d/hepnet-lustre.repo". The file should contain:
%STARTCONSOLE% [hepnet-lustre] name=HEPnet Canada SC12 repository #baseurl=http://rpms.hepnetcanada.ca/sl/6X/lustre/$basearch/2.6.32-220 #baseurl=http://rpms.hepnetcanada.ca/sl/6X/lustre/$basearch/2.6.32-279.2.1 baseurl=http://rpms.hepnetcanada.ca/sl/6X/lustre/$basearch/2.6.32-279.5.1 enabled=0 gpgcheck=0 http_caching=none %ENDCONSOLE%

  • Install the lustre client:
%STARTCONSOLE% yum install --enablerepo=hepnet-lustre lustre-client net-snmp-libs %ENDCONSOLE%

  • Mount the filesystem:
%STARTCONSOLE% mkdir -p /lustreSC mount -t lustre /lustreSC %ENDCONSOLE%
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