Submitting Belle2 jobs from KEK and UVIC

Login into KEK (login and computer systems) or the belleuser VM on beaver


Running interactive jobs

source /cvmfs/
setuprel release-00-07-02
cd working/basf2/
cp /cvmfs/ .

Add the following lines into the script:

from ROOT import Belle2
use_local_database(Belle2.FileSystem.findFile("data/framework/database.txt"), "", True, LogLevel.ERROR)

Run the MC generation example job from the command line

basf2 ./

Run the Analysis example job ( from the command line.

(belleuser)$ basf2 ./ \
-i ~/mdst_000113_prod00000223_task00000113.root

(kek)$ basf2 ./ \
-i /ghi/fs01/belle2/bdata/MC/release-00-07-02/DBxxxxxxxx/MC7/prod00000223/s00/e0000/4S/r00000/signal/sub00/mdst_000113_prod00000223_task00000113.root

Running grid jobs

Initialization of Belle2 at KEK environment

source /sw/belle2/gbasf2/BelleDIRAC/gbasf2/tools/setup
gb2_proxy_init g belle

Test script to run 2 jobs (April 12 2016)

cd april2016
gbasf2 -p Project-1a -s release-00-05-03 -r 2

Monitoring the jobs

gb2_job_status -p <ProjectName> --site 

gb2_site_summary --site --date 2016-04-10
gb2_job_status --site --status Waiting
gb2_job_status --site --status Running

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