Submitting jobs from KEK

%STARTCONSOLE% source /sw/belle2/gbasf2/ gb2_proxy_init g belle cd gbasf2KEK %ENDCONSOLE%

>>> test running job at KEK

gbasf2  --project=ProjectK1 \ \
 --swver=build-2013-11-10 \
 --type=None \
 --inputsandboxfiles=tau.input.dat,KK2f_defaults.dat,tau_decaytable.dat \

>>> test running job on the cloud
gbasf2 --project=Cloud001 --default_se=UVic-SE --swver=build-2013-11-10 --type=None --inputsandboxfiles=tau.input.dat,KK2f_defaults.dat,tau_decaytable.dat -s

>>> simple cloud test job
gbasf2 --default_se=UVic-SE -s

-- RandallSobie - 2014-03-10

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