Cloud Scheduler Requirements

This document contains all potential and realized requirements for the cloud scheduler that is being designed as of May 2009. Though the categories below are representative of formal requirements engineering, this document is intended to be informal. Requirements should be brief, and categorized correctly as best as possible. Also, please note whether the requirements are absolute (nonnegotiable), flexible, or potential (any ideas are appreciated).

If the categories below do not suffice, or subcategories are required, please add your own.

Functional Requirements

(Describe the function of the intended system. What should the scheduler do?)

Performance Requirements

(Describe the performance constraints on the intended system. How fast / with how many resources should the scheduler function?)

Design Requirements

(Describe what standards the intended system should meet. How, and in accordance with what standards or guidelines, will the scheduler be built?)

Client Requirements

(Any suggested requirements from clients of the intended system. These may fit into other categories as well.)

-- DuncanPenfoldBrown - 01 Jun 2009

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