Coding Guidelines

What do we want for the coding outlines/layout? These are open to discussion

Do not use abbreviations

For Java
Use javaDoc comments

Keep properties private - use get and set methods

Like this?
private String something;

public void setSomething(String something)
        this.something = something;
 [tab]  if(this.else)
          [tab] somethingElse();

Package naming - maybe something like ca.gridx1.sp.[package name]

TIP Maybe we should use spaces instead of tabs in our coding standards. When tabs are used, it often defaults to 8 spaces, which often leads to difficult to read code when there is more than 3 or 4 indentation levels. Most modern text editors and/or IDE can do the conversion between tabs and spaces automatically. Usually, I prefer a small number of spaces for indentation, such as 2, as it leads more space for longer (more descriptive) variable, class and method names.

-- AndreCharbonneau - 11 May 2006

-- ChrisUsher - 21 Mar 2006

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