This is how to configure a CernVM image to run as a squid server. Refer also to ConfigureCernVM.

CernVM v2.6 Batch Node Configuration

Xen Image Configuration

Do the following:

Squid Cache

mkdir /mnt/scratch/squid
chown 23.23 /mnt/scratch/squid

Squid Settings

In /etc/squid/squid.conf set:

acl RESTRICT_DEST dstdom_regex ^|cvmfs-stratum-one\.cern\.ch|cernvmfs\.gridpp\.rl\.ac\.uk|cvmfs\.racf\.bnl\.gov|cvmfs\.fnal\.gov|cvmfs02\.grid\.sinica\.edu\.tw|$
http_access allow all
http_access deny !RESTRICT_DEST

cache_mem 8192 MB

maximum_object_size_in_memory 128 KB

cache_dir ufs /scratch/squid 49000 16 256
maximum_object_size 1048576 KB

####     logformat awstats %>a %ui %un [%{%d/%b/%Y:%H:%M:%S +0000}tl] "%rm %ru HTTP/%rv" %Hs %<st %Ss:%Sh %tr "%{X-Frontier-Id}>h"

#### cache_store_log none

strip_query_terms off

negative_ttl 1 minute

collapsed_forwarding on
refresh_stale_hit 5 seconds

# cache_mgr

umask 022

### could configure snmp_access

Squid VM Settings

The VM should have about 12 GB of RAM and 50 GB of scratch space.

-- RyanTaylor - 2013-01-23

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