RJS Dynafed documentation

Installation on beaver.heprc VM (using cernvm3-micro-2.7-7.hdd):

yum install epel-release
yum install dynafed
yum install dynafed-dmlite-frontend dynafed-dmlite-plugin dynafed-http-plugin
yum install httpd memcached neon GeoIP
[ it said httpd, neon and GeoIP were already installed ]

/sbin/chkconfig httpd on
/sbin/chkconfig memcached on 

Create /etc/ugr/conf.d/mycloud.conf:

glb.locplugin[]: libugrlocplugin_s3.so cc_rjs 15 https://s3-uvic.dev.computecanada.ca/rjsBucket
locplugin.cc_rjs.xlatepfx: /cc-rjs-federation /
locplugin.cc_rjs.s3.priv_key: xx
locplugin.cc_rjs.s3.pub_key: xx
locplugin.cc_rjs.s3.alternate: yes

glb.locplugin[]: libugrlocplugin_s3.so cs3_rjs 15 https://rjsBucket.cs3.cern.ch
locplugin.cs3_rjs.xlatepfx: /cs3-rjs-federation /
locplugin.cs3_rjs.s3.priv_key: xx
locplugin.cs3_rjs.s3.pub_key: xx

In /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, change servername to IP address of VM. For example:


Restart HTTP services (need both to restart after changing mycloud.conf):

sudo service httpd restart
sudo service memcached restart

List the contents of the federation via a browser:

Running davix commands:

davix-ls --s3accesskey xx --s3secretkey xx --s3alternate https://s3-uvic.dev.computecanada.ca/rjsBucket

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